IRIS Europe 3 is a multi-beneficiary TEN-T project focusing on further enhancement and fine-tuning of RIS key technologies, services and applications; in particular the (pilot) implementation of new harmonised RIS services especially at the level of fairway, traffic and transport related RIS services, services based upon multilateral legal agreements and definitions of service levels for RIS, the provision of feedback and contribution to the maintenance and amendment of technical specifications.

IRIS Europe 3 will significantly contribute to a harmonized RIS implementation at European level. IRIS Europe 3 is based on the work of the RIS Expert Groups and of previous RIS implementation projects.

A broad European consortium representing 7 member states and cooperation partners of 7 additional countries have joined forces to support RIS providers, traffic and fairway authorities in enhancing their RIS services, especially those for logistical RIS users on a European level. A key objective of IRIS Europe 3 is the involvement of logistics RIS users by means of pilots.


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