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DoRIS mobile: navigation services on your Smartphone


The first App released by viadonau - DoRIS mobile - offers comprehensive information services for inland navigation in Austria. The app is available in German and English and addresses all users of the waterway and everyone interested by providing up-to-date data for water levels, lock status, fairway condition, overview fairway info or shallow sections. DoRIS mobile supports iOS and Android operating systems and is free of charge.


DoRIS mobile supports captains and vessel operators in their daily business and contributes to safety in navigation. A swipe function available for all services gives fast access to data which is updated on regular intervals depending on the service – new water levels are available every 15 minutes or lock status is updated every 5 minutes.

A special focus was put on the usability of services. The app which automatically adopts the language of the device has a “pull to refresh” function for updating the information with a pull gesture. A roaming warning has also been incorporated to warn the user on possible additional costs.

"With the mobile app DoRIS viadonau has extended the portfolio of its river information service DoRIS, based on modern mobile technologies and thus allows all users of the Danube waterway to retrieve - at any time and quickly - current and position-related information", says Hans-Peter Wegscheider, Head of Traffic Managemen at viadonau.


The app is now available in the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

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The DoRIS App was developed by viadonau in cooperation with Fluidtime (


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