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DoRIS mobile among top 10 best traffic applications for ITS Helsinki 2014


The new viadonau App DoRIS mobile has been selected among the top 10 best applications in the ITS in your pocket competition of the ITS Europe Helsinki 2014 Congress. In view of the need for traffic applications that can work both in cities and rural areas, and in order to boost the development of this new area of Information and Communication Technologies, the Congress has launched a contest for new mobile applications for consumers. DoRIS mobile is ranked among the top 10 from 50 participants in 20 different countries.

Today’s transport system including vehicles, infrastructures and the related industries is the biggest ecosystem humans have ever created. Smart traffic solutions and services are seen as one of the biggest future solutions area for Information and Communication Technologies. New smarter traffic solutions are also key elements in creating more sustainable smart cities. This means an enormous number of business opportunities worldwide. Thus, sustainability, multimodality and novel innovation were the key themes of a competition which selected the 10 most amazing applications from different European cities, among which DoRIS mobile. The main application criteria were fresh innovations and the ability to work on a range of nomadic devices, fully fulfilled by the new DoRIS App which offers comprehensive information services for inland navigation in Austria. The app is available in German and English and addresses all users of the waterway and everyone interested by providing up-to-date data for water levels, lock status, fairway condition, overview fairway info or shallow sections.

DoRIS mobile supports iOS and Android operating systems and is free of charge.

ITS in your pocket main categories:

1. Applications to boost use of multimodal transportations

2. Applications for sustainable urban mobility

3. “Out-of-the-box” innovations for better mobility

DoRIS mobile

DoRIS mobile supports captains and vessel operators in their daily business and contributes to safety in navigation. A swipe function available for all services gives fast access to data which is updated on regular intervals depending on the service – new water levels are available every 15 minutes or lock status is updated every 5 minutes.

A special focus was put on the usability of services. The app which automatically adopts the language of the device has a "pull to refresh" function for updating the information with a pull gesture. A roaming warning has also been incorporated to warn the user on possible additional costs.

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Source: ITS in Your Pocket, Editorial: viadonau