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Bratislava host city of 3rd Activity Coordination Meeting of the IRIS Europe 3 Project


On 25 & 26 March 2014, the 3rd ACM of the IRIS Europe 3 project was held in Bratislava (Slovakia). The 37 participants, representatives from all partner countries in their function as beneficiaries, SCOM Members, National Coordinators, SuAc Leaders, Project Partners, or cooperation Partners, attended this important event. The meeting was hosted by the Slovak partners VUD and KIOS and was held at the Café Lod, a trendy floating event location on the Danube between the old and new bridge in the old town of Bratislava.


The first day of the event focussed on project management issues such as the status of the Action Status Report 2014, amendment of the Strategic Action Plan and the roadmap towards successful closure of the project (SuAc reports, Final Technical Report, etc.). The status of the activities of each partner country was also presented on the first day of the meeting.

From the status of RIS implementation in Poland, in the Czech Republic, in Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia to a demonstration of the prototype of the implemented IENC Facility Data Editor in Austria and a live demonstration of the soon to be launched DoRIS app for navigation on the Austrian stretch of the Danube, DoRIS Mobile, the programme was extremely informative and allowed the participants to appreciate the importance to reach as much long-lasting results out of IRIS Europe 3 as possible, considering the available budget and framework that is provided.


The second day of the meeting focussed on RIS data exchange with live demonstration of the Austrian DoRIS Portal, the Slovak SlovRIS Portal, and Hungarian PannonRIS Portal. Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary confirmed that they are ready to integrate users into the operative international RIS data exchange. Furthermore, Romania is ready to execute tests within the operative environment. The participants agreed that the main goal is to reach a sustainable operation of the international RIS data exchange until the end of the project.


Since the IRIS Europe 3 project will end in December 2014, the participants were asked to reflect on the topics they wish to highlight on this occasion, showcasing the tremendous work that has been done on national and transnational level in the framework of IRIS Europe 3. An interesting programme will be drafted by the end of May, awaiting the participants with user-relevant functionalities and of the systems and services that have been developed in the past two years. The IRIS Europe 3 Final Event is scheduled for 26 November in Vienna.


While the Lead Partner viadonau is not intending to prolong the IRIS Europe initiative towards an IRIS Europe 4 project there are many opportunities available to make the legacy of IRIS Europe 3 activities last beyond the project lifetime. An overview of the important contract among RIS providers for the international exchange of AIS and ERI data for logistics purposes and a proposition to introduce an obligation to operate international RIS data exchange beyond the end of IRIS Europe 3 in order to ensure continuity among the partner countries were also put on the discussion table. Pursuing the work on the RIS Service Directory is another action point which could be continued passed the project end. Indeed, maintaining the RIS Service directory as an online tool which shall also provide users and application manufacturers an overview which data and services available in Europe has an uncontestable added value. Such a Service Directory provides many benefits on different levels and should be continuously maintained and published for instance on the RIS portal (


The meeting concluded with presentations by the cooperation partners.


The next and last Activity Coordination Meeting is scheduled for October 2014 in Poland.


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